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Preferred Vendors in the Colorado Springs Area

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

The wedding business is unique in that you have vendors from different walks of life, all who are experts in their field, working together to make the best all around event that they can. Over the past decade, I have worked with a wide variety of vendors all across the state to create magical and memorable events. These are a few of my local favorites:

Salt of the Earth Catering

Patrick and Sherry are genuinely friendly, nice people and are a pleasure to work with. They offer drop off and full service options and the ability to mix and match food for a taste and price that matches your pallet and budget. Whether you get steak, seafood, BBQ, or Tex-Mex, you and your guests will love the food and the service.

Photography Dun-Rite

Charlie has over 20 years of photography experience and is one of the best photographers around. He can do your engagement photos and/or capture the memories of your wedding day. Charlie will do such a great job that you may just ask him to do your newborn and family pictures too.(When the time comes).

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