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My Story

How It All Began

My journey as a DJ began in 2001 at Skate City when I filled in for a co-worker who missed their shift. I did so well, that they made me a DJ permanently and over the next five years, I became the top DJs there.

Then, after serving for 4 years in the Navy, I moved back home to Colorado Springs, and immediately got back at it, this time with house parties and slowly working my way into events and then weddings.
I have been DJing weddings and events exclusively since 2012 and have been a part of hundreds of celebrations in that time. I pride myself on being calm and collected when the unexpected happens and I'm able to "roll with the punches" and adjust tactfully as the night progresses. I love to party, but the coordination of the event and making sure everything is the way you want it comes first.

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